Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prompt 6-What summer feels like ...

Prompt 6 was:  What does summer feel like?  What does summer look like?  What does summer smell like?  What does summer sound like? and What does summer taste like?  Use all of your senses to describe this wonderful season.  Have fun!

For me, it looks like shorts and slippahs. It looks like a carefree attitude and "hangin' loose".

Summer sounds like boom and pow. Fireworks tradition that started last year may just be a part of our summer for years to come.

It tastes like fresh fruit. My favorite time when all the tropical fruits also become available ... mango, nectarines, guava, lychee, papaya, cherries and more!

And summer also smells like lots of chlorine. Spending lots of time at the beach and pool with the kids is a given.

What does summer feel like to you?

Challenge idea came from here.


Grace McCoy said...

I love reading your journal challenge:)

Grace McCoy said...

I love reading your new blog challenge:) Keep it up!