Monday, January 16, 2012

Hawaii Minibook Day 1

Before we left on our trip, I stole some time in the scrapbook room to put together a travel mini book. It's mostly a Making Memories travel kit that I saved for my Europe pictures but still haven't gotten around to scrapbooking much of yet ... over a year later. So this time I'm going to try to get the stories told as they happen so I can actually remember them.

It's an 8x8 mini album of papers glued together, tabs punched and mini stickers to tell the dates. In between each date I also added a smaller sheet with a ripped note paper for the story of the day. All bound with rings in case there are other pieces of memorabilia I might want to add along the way. The front and back is acrylic to hold its shape in the suitcase. And I only brought along a one gallon ziploc of embellishments ... a sampling of ribbon, buttons, stickers, letters and twine. Ready, set, scrap!

Day One was the trip from San Diego airport to Honolulu. The girls don't remember the last couple of times they had been on a plane so it was quite an adventure.

Lena called dibs for the window seat. She took the picture of our view from the plane as we landed in Hawaii. She and I sat together during the 5 plus hour ride and entertained ourselves with another feet shot. Haha. She says to me ... mom, this is how you make an airplane. The thumb and pinky are the wings and the hand is the plane. We flying mom! So cute!

Keeping a piece of Hawaiian Airlines in the lunchbox and the swivel stick.

The journaling/story of the day was mostly about the trip itself. Upon arrival, however, they were pretty excited to see their cousins and sample our first dose of local food ... poke variety of all types!

And the shots of us on the plane. 5 hours went by pretty fast with breakfast, snack, a Dolphin Tales movie, a little DS and a little homework. Day One complete!

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