Monday, July 16, 2012

Prompt 7-Happiness ...

... is living life to the fullest. And what a life I've been blessed to live. Filled with ups and downs, adventures and simple everyday routines life has made me who I am today and every place I've been and every experience I've had remains a part of me.

By far the biggest influence is summertime all year long, aka life in da islands. The carefree attitude of living local style by the beach in Hawaii brings me happiness. I feel most content when I'm just hanging out in summer clothes, with summer weather and long summer days. One day we shall meet again ... I can't stay away forever!

Growing up with a seamstress mom, I am very happy being crafty. I love to sew, to scrapbook and to make things pretty. I remember recycling junk into "art" in elementary school for GATE, sewing classes all through high school, decorating my teeny tiny apartments during college and beyond years and discovering scrapbooking with motherhood. Happiness is creating absolutely anything.

Happiness is shopping ... actually traveling and shopping. I'm not fond of just shopping itself but to explore a new city with its many boutiques? Happy, happy, joy, joy! Memories of Japan (cuteness), Paris (sophistication), Venice (artsy), Chicago (food) and New York City (everything) are memories of shopping and citified adventures.

And I'm pretty happy in a bakery. Not for the sweets but oh for the crusty breads. My year in Paris was often spent buying a baguette in the morning and then carrying it around in my bag all day long. Those were the best (most simple) sandwiches. Now, I usually rate a good restaurant by its bread. Give me sourdough crusty french bread any day ... with some brie and I'm extremely happy.

Happiness is so many things ... these are just a few of mine. And to illustrate, one of my blog finds, Inslee Haynes. She does these wonderful fashion illustrations by watercolor. Pretty and happy!!!

What does happiness mean to you?

Challenge idea came from here.

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