Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project Life Year 4 and 1

Couldn't get myself together to decide on doing Project Life this year. Definitely the picture a day idea was overdone. After 2 years I was not really motivated any more. But after seeing so many bloggers getting into it and capturing the memorabilia of everyday moments, I decided that these everyday stories shouldn't be forgotten.

I'll be doing a week at a time and just telling a few short stories here and there of what's happening in my life as it happens. Using a couple of binders from Office Depot and baseball card inserts. I'm starting with my birthday week in March and going until next birthday ... thus the name Project Life Year 41.

Last weekend I started the cover and gathered my supplies. Even printed a couple week's worth of pictures but haven't quite put it all together to show you here. Soon .... stay tuned.

Are you doing Project Life this year?

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