Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pinned It, Did It Again!

Pinned it and did it again ... so excited! For easter, we did a very informal egg hunt in the backyard. Showed the kids these glow in the dark eggs from Pinterest and they went for it right away. Way more exciting than the traditional egg hunt.

But getting the glow stick bracelets to stay in the eggs was not an easy feat. We broke a few by bending it too much. A few just kept snapping out of the egg. This was not exactly a huge success but nevertheless, we got a few to work. Hiding them in the dark yard was the funnest. They looked so cool glowing in the landscape.

Then our neighbor brought over these cool rainbow eggs. She said they dyed them but forgot to hard boil them. When the first one was cracked on Kainani's head, I screeched.

It wasn't gooey egg at all, it was filled with confetti!

Once the kids knew that, they couldn't grab them and crack them on each other fast enough.

It's all fun and games until mom had to sweep. Haha. Wasn't too bad though and the pretty pile that was the aftermath made for a very pretty picture!

What are your plans for an Easter egg hunt?

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