Monday, April 2, 2012

Pinned It, Did It!

I love pinterest, seems to be a new obsession in the blog world lately. My boards are really my absolute favorites and things I really want to do. So this post is a celebration ... I did something I pinned!

My sister in law is due this month and we have been pinning ideas for a maternity photo shoot here. I'm honest in saying that my creativity is not an independent accomplishment. I am so motivated by what others do and I am only good at following in their footsteps, not so good about coming up with my own ideas.

This is the second baby for this lovely family. Their daughter is so excited to have a brother to play with that she does not hesitate to show her love already.

A springtime baby means flowers are blooming. Yay! There's an old wives tale about how being pregnant with a baby boy means the mom is prettier and being pregnant with a baby girl means the mom gives her prettiness to the baby. Do you believe in this? I tend to think pregnant women glow no matter.

This is the first boy in their family. My brother is the only boy and my dad is the only son so the passing down of the family name is a big deal with this one. Although our family name being Nguyen is probably the punchline to the joke. There are so many Nguyens out there already!

This one will be named Andrew!

We feel quite blessed to see our family grow by one more! And we will be ready for sports and boy stuff! Haha.