Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project Life March

More March madness ... lots of opportunities to party, go out to eat and enjoy music concerts. Blew the restaurant and entertainment budget this month for sure ... but some months are worth it and you just re-prioritize everything else ... like housework and errands and laundry. LOL.

Favorite things to eat included oyster shooters at Monterey Bay Canners, chicken and waffles at Roscoes, omelets at Broken Yolk, sushi at Love Boat, pizza at Pizza Port, escargot at Oceanaire, shrimp cocktail and prime rib at the Red Rock resort in Vegas.

We never go to concerts ... except this month. I'm always amazed at the $50-$100 prices for well known musicians here in Socal. Plus, you see a dot on stage and end up watching it on the big screen anyway. So we usually pass ... but in March, we had an opportunity to see some smaller bands in smaller venues at smaller prices. We took advantage more than once ... Soja with Anuhea, Green with Passafire, Skanic with English Beat. Love standing in front of the stage and rocking out for sure!

Enjoying birthday goodies and feeling very blessed so many are so thoughtful!

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