Friday, April 13, 2012


time: 7:07am
location: work, waiting for computer to load TGIF
eating: had Thai from George's Bistro yesterday. Miss working in Costa Mesa sometimes.
drinking: water ... dehydrated
watching: Got ABC Family app on iphone ... Switched at Birth, the Lying Game, Jane by Design
thinking: how some friends are for life, saw high school friends last night and we pick up right where we left off even after months
wanting: to open my mind to the heaven series at New Song Christian Church
needing: some raw foods, too much coffee and meat this week makes me feel bloated
wondering: if we're really going to get it together to do a vegas girls trip
loving: that the home is really "less" as I walk around trying to find things to get rid of at neighborhood garage sale this weekend

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rebecca said...

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