Wednesday, March 28, 2012


time: 6:19am
location: train, listening to Soja
eating: just had leftover breakfast omelet from Broken Yolk
drinking: Lion brand coffee with hazelnut creamer. Don't remember last time I hit up Starbucks.
watching: American Idol, Ringer and new addiction Revenge. Got the abc app on my phone! :-)
thinking: I'm lucky to have great family and friends near and far, tons of birthday wishes poured in last weekend. I've come a long way ... past school friends, work friends, mommy friends, best friends. France, HI, AZ, NV, CA, Chicago ... feeling overwhelmingly blessed.
wanting: to make a difference at work, no stress, no ego, what's the next action?
needing: some QT with girlfriends, Thursday here I come ...
wondering: where March went but glad there's good memories, now to start my Project Life album
loving: pinterest, who's not obsessed?!?!?!

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