Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I won! Time to start training ...

... Ella Publishing is a great inspiration for scrapbooking and photography. I am (sort of) doing their 12 for 2012 where I take 12 pictures on the 12th of every month this year 2012. Every month there's a theme and you only have to commit one day a month. I've taken all my pics, just haven't gotten around to scrapping them and blogging it yet. Oooops!

But this Spring Training class is exciting. I'm hoping it will jump start my weekend scrapbooking into summer and beyond ... maybe all the way to Survivor Crop in April. I miss my late nights with girlfriends, I miss unleashing my creative spirit, I miss remembering all the "fun times".

I'm so excited that I won! Rebecca Cooper is a great photographer, scrapbooker, crafter and mom. I get so many ideas from her. This is also my 3rd time winning something from her blog. Can you believe it?!? What are the odds? I've been reading her blog for years ... winning prizes is not the reason but wow, how fun is this! Yay!!!

Can't wait for the videos, the training and the inspiration. Details here. Who wants to join me?

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Elena said...

That is great! congrats and yes I want to joing!