Friday, March 2, 2012


So the holidays are behind us and the new year is officially off the ground. We had a nice vacation break and came back to life running ever since. But at busy times like these is when I want to remember life even more so. The bigger picture of our many years together puts today's minor worries in perspective.

In 2005, our little firecracker came into our lives with a bang. Can't believe she's almost 7 now. Where did the years go? I remember her lateness to her own birth party... the only one of the 3 who wasn't born on or before the due date. I remember feeling overwhelmed when now simply 2 hands and 2 parents were no longer enough for 3 children. I remember the looks from people as they felt sorry for the mom with a newborn carried in front of me with a baby bjorn and 2 toddlers on each side of me holding my hands. Don't remember how I managed to carry the groceries we bought as we ran our errands around town. :)

That year we had our first visit from my mom's childhood best friend from Vietnam. It was such a special time for my mom to reminisce. True friendship lasts ... they acted like they were a part of each other's lives forever even though it had been about 20 years since they saw each other or even talked much on the phone. With phone cards and cell phones, they are now keeping in touch much better than before. We also had a chance to take her and the whole family (including my brother and sister in law) to a cabin in Big Bear to experience snow for the first time.

A year of many firsts was 2005, as typical for any family with a newborn. It's my favorite stage ... when they are sweet and innocent and all they need is for you to feed and bathe them ... then they go to sleep.

Christmas was also a first that year as we had a visit from Moi's sister and brother in law with new baby Kekaimalu. So nice to see our families growing and to be together for the holidays.

We also tried to start a tradition (failed!) for New Year's Eve. Cousins and us spent the weekend at Disneyland. The idea was to hang out at the park on New Year's Eve day, go back to the hotel to nap, then go out again before midnight and ring in the new year at Disneyland with the grand fireworks show. But when it rained (alot!) on us, we ended up spending most of that time in the hotel and running out to the parking lot for a small glimpse of the midnight fireworks. Can't complain too much about it raining on our parade (literally!) because memories were still made with family. Lots of laughs, mahjong and playing games with the kids.

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