Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guilty as charged ...

I've been off the Project 365 bandwagon as of late. After 2 years and my one little word for 2012 being ENOUGH, I thought it was best to take a break. But after reading this latest post, I think I am still VERY interested in capturing the everyday moments. When I only take out my camera for the special occasions, I am guilty of doing the "look at me" drill with the kids and they HATE IT. When I just take random pics of our life together, they are more inclined to participate and then I capture magical moments.

Imagine the little boy. Maybe two and a half years old. He’s at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, perhaps for the very first time. He’s discovered the kids’ area and is intent on scooping up the krill with the basket. He is being the whale. He tries again and again and again. You can see the intensity on his face. He is mimicking the big kids around them. You know he is hoping to fit in.

And there is his dad with his camera in hand. Ready to document the moment. It makes my heart sing.

And then…
My heart breaks.
Dad can’t see the moment. He doesn’t see the action before him unfolding in the magical way it so often does in childhood. Instead? He says the words. You can probably guess what they are.

"Look at me.”

And again.
“Look at me.”

Now he becomes more emphatic.
“Look at me.”

And then he almost nears anger as he holds the camera at the ready waiting for the bright eyed, smiling child to turn for THE photo of their trip to Monterey.


Exacerbated. He gives up. He puts the camera down. He’s done.
He grabs the child, still intent in his activity, and heads on to the next station. Camera in pocket now.

He missed it. He missed the magic. He became so involved in photographing the image HE wanted, he didn’t see the beautiful image that presented itself.

Story told by captureyour365.com

So now I'm thinking about this March Photo a Day from fatmumslim. Thinking of actually starting a Project Life album for this year from the many scraps I already have ... because I do have ENOUGH. Thinking of my gratitude for this blessed life I'm living right now because it really is ENOUGH. Kids are happy, marriage is happy, parents are healthy, family is growing by 2 more feet ... it really is more than ENOUGH. I want to be grateful and remember this.

What have you done to capture memories this year ... it's already March! Are you guilty of taking every special moment and trying to turn it into a perfect picture moment? How about just capturing life as it is?

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