Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Little Word 2012

This time of year is perfect for making goals and new years resolutions. Usually I pick my One Little Word to focus on rather than making resolutions. The idea came a few years back from Ali Edwards. In 2008 my word was Simplicity. That year I pared down my belongings, my commitments and my life. In 2009 my word was Mindful. Learned to slow down, live more in the moment and eat more purposefully. Last year my word was Less.. Did less, cared less and wanted or needed less to live a more meaningful life. The impact has been pretty evident to me as I now reflect ... my life is right where I want it to be. Far from perfect but oh so perfect for me!

That leads to my word for 2012 ... ENOUGH. As I look at the hats I wear or the roles I play, I see the emphasis on this word being totally appropriate for this year. I AM ENOUGH!

1. Mom: I want to be sure I spend enough quality time with my girls. Not just together but separately one on one. I want them to get enough attention from me and feel special in their own right as I love them each on their own.
2. Wife and Daughter: I want to keep asking myself ... am I showing my love and support enough to my family? Sometimes the ones we love the most are the ones we either take for granted or are the most mean and impatient to.
3. Professional: Am I doing enough to add value to my team? I read a quote not too long ago that it is more meaningful to make your absence felt than to boast about your presence. Love the work I do, just want to be sure it's making a difference.
4. Scrapbooker: Getting the memories recorded is enough. Don't worry too much about the quality of the photo, the supplies being used or the process itself. Too many unfinished projects equals no real stories being told.
5. Individual: I am enough! Care less about what others think of me. Know that my intentions are there to live the life I was given the best I know how. Do not compare, do not want, just be and that is enough.

I'm sure as the year progresses, more layers of this word will come out as I go about making the most of this life we were given. I am grateful for the imperfect and genuine reality of life itself ... it is enough.

Do you choose a word for the year? Or make new years resolutions?

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