Friday, January 6, 2012

Currents : New Year

I'm still finishing up a few more posts of holiday events to post online for my December Daily photo book. But since it's almost a week into the new year, I'm ready for a clean start and a pulse check . . .
on to a post of currents . . .

time: 4pm
location: desk
weather: sunny, 75? wouldn't know been indoors all day
listening: traffic and cars outside the office window
eating: just finished a salad, going for 2 a day
drinking: water, going for 2 a day here too
wearing: jeggings, white Justice sequined tank, long black cardigan, black boots (jeggings and black boots seems to be the uniform lately . . . extremely comfy and sorta stylish at the same time)
feeling: pretty good, ready for the weekend
wanting: some time to scrapbook and decide on Project 366 . . . to be or not to be this year?
needing: to declutter, cleaning always brings clarity and I'm a bit lazy about the new year right now
thinking: I'm so lucky . . . quality family time right around the corner in da islands!
enjoying: wish I could say a glass of wine but it's not 5 o'clock yet :)
wondering: can I fit a family's 10 day wardrobe in a suitcase and 2 carry on's?

currents idea from here

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