Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm a Winner & I'm Taking Twelve!

Some of my Facebook friends may have noticed that I am not really doing Project 365 this year. After 2 full years, I think it's time for a fresh approach. I'm going to do Project Life and Take Twelve instead. And what perfect timing . . . since I was recently a winner of the Take Twelve Inspiration Kit at the Capture Your365 blog!

Along the lines of my one little word being ENOUGH, I think I'd rather just take enough pictures to get memories told . . . once a month on the 12th I will take 12 pictures and scrapbook that! There's a whole community of people doing this at the Ella Publishing blog. And the kit will have inspiration ideas, prompts of what to take pictures of and a digital template to scrap the end result. Yay!

I'll most likely take other pics with my iphone throughout each week as well and use the Project Life method for that. Haven't bought a kit or anything . . . just using my scrap stash, an 8 1/2 x 11 inch binder and baseball card sheet protectors for now. There's just so many people jumping on the Project Life bandwagon this year that it's a little overwhelming and it took me a while to decide where to start. So . . . I'm going to remember to just keep to ENOUGH to get a few tidbits of life's daily stories told . . . that's all.

Be back soon to show my Take Twelve and Project Life January progress. Are you partaking in any of these scrapbooking or photo challenges this year?

PS. You know what's so funny too? My lucky number since high school has been 17 and wouldn't you know it, that was my number this time and I won!!!

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