Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Tradition: Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is spent with family in our tradition of matching holiday pajamas. We take our time getting up, having breakfast, opening presents and enjoying each other's company.

Kaila was the first to get up ... waiting patiently watching TV while the others hit the snooze button a little bit more.

Lena is usually the last to get up. She is just like her daddy and really likes to sleep in. But this particular morning, she was a bit anxious and excited so she got up anad at 'em even before baby Ashley.

This was the first year we had stockings filled. It's usually too crazy and stressful for mom to worry about stockings in the past, it just never was a tradition we upheld. But this year, it was a fun addition to our normal routine. Nani enjoyed all of her Hello Kitty goodies. But her favorite was a sticky smash ball fruit that she could throw at a window and it would splat ... she is truly our tomboy of the bunch.

Kaila's favorite was her toe socks. She also found ways to keep busy during her 3 week Christmas vacation this year with a Sudoku book inside her stocking.

Lena had to keep peeking at her stocking before finally taking it down and looking inside ... giddy I guess. She got some fun coloring stuff (her most favorite thing to do) and cute penguin slippers and matching sleep mask.

Ashley is up and ready for the fun ... this might be the first year that she's starting to understand the meaning of Christmas morning.

A sign that the girls are growing up as we had a good mix of clothes, school supplies and toys. Much different than the toddler princess years where it was all about the toys.

Baby got in the act showing off her new outfit, too.

Lena's favorite outfit from grandma ... such a girly girl this one.

By far the most adored gift of the whole morning was this Dora backpack. After opening it, she couldn't wait to put it on. Then she kept saying how she has her own backpack and was so happy. Now she is ready for her adventures with Dora. Haha. LOL

Surveying the goods as they near the end of all the packages. So excited to start trying things on and playing with all their new stuff.

And right away, she starts coloring ... she really could occupy herself for hours just drawing, coloring and scrapbooking ... she is probably the most like me ... such a proud mommy. It was a merry Christmas morning indeed!

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