Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Tradition: Neighborhood Party

We are so lucky to live in such a fun neighborhood with such nice neighbors. Our kids get along, our husbands get along and us wives definitely get along ... sometimes too well (with a few glasses of wine).
Our annual tradition is to have a get together with gift exchange every year for the holidays. This year Alma was our hostess.

The kids always look forward to time with their friends, even though they see plenty of each other all year long ... sometimes 7 days a week (like Nani girl and Ally who had the same class, then girl scouts, then scrapbooking moms nites, then family parties, it's neverending). LOL

Frances' family is so sweet ... they all look like sisters!

And my daughter with her friend who's taller but younger. The luck you have when you come from a tiny family ... no six footers here. Haha.

In past years, they were toddlers excited for Santa's surprise visit. This year, they are dining at the table like grownups. Insert bittersweet tears here.

For some excitement this year, we played a minute to win it game of fishing for candy canes. For some it was harder than it looks, for others not so bad. Telling kids to keep their hands behind their backs was a bit of a challenge. In the end, they were all good sports and a success with this challenge!

The winner was Kaila ... I think that was all the candy cane would hold!

Time for the kids secret santa gifts ... really from us moms. :) Kaila played Santa since she was the one with the hat. For each child, she stated a compliment that they were good that year just like Santa would have. Pretty spot on!

They all really enjoyed their gifts.

And then the roles reversed and Kaiolena put on the Santa hat to give Kaila her gift. This year Kaila was good because she was a great Santa. Haha, how creative! (or not)

Then it was the adults turn! For ours, there was lots of stealing going on and the most favored gifts are always alcohol related. Hmmmm .... what kind of neighborhood is this?!? Haha. A set of wine glasses, some wine, a really cool wine sampler, some hard alcohol and a UFC coffee set. Santa is good!

Wrapping up the night were just more laughs, good eats and good times. After many years together, we continue to hope each year there will be many more still yet to come. Merry Christmas 2011!

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