Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Event: Girl Scout Holiday Party

Our monthly meeting was a nice holiday party for our Daisies where we started out making cards for the troops. We asked who had family members in the military. We explained that soldiers don't always get to come home for Christmas. The girls were so sweet in their empathy towards the troop members and their families. Their motivation resulted in many cards made!

The art of sharing was also learned by all as we passed out the craft and art supplies.

Even my cadette helper got in the act to make a few for the military men and women.

The cards turned out really sweet and merry indeed.

Thanks so much Daisies for a job well done!

Me and my girls, one Daisy and one Junior!

My co-leader and her daughter also enjoying their cookie and card making time together.

After our hard work, we all enjoyed a special treat ... Christmas cookies.

They took their artistic talents so seriously, decorating each of their cookies. But really, all that sugar was their ultimate goal ... the more sprinkles the merrier. Sorry moms for the sugar high at the end of the night. Sleep was probably not on their minds when we sent them home.

You can't make cookies and not sample them. The girls enjoyed their frosted wonders! It definitely shows in her smile and the crumbs left over. haha. LOL.
So so cute!!!

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