Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Tradition: First Semester Awards Ceremony

The holiday season is also the end of the school semester and a time where the kids are getting ready for their winter break. Every year, we have been so lucky as to be invited to the elementary school awards ceremony for the students that earned good grades that semester. The kids don't always get so excited but the parents are so very proud!!!

Lena is getting her honor roll.

Nani gets honor roll too! Older sister is showing her support ... 
since it's her first year not in elementary anymore. 

These student accomplishments are not completed alone. We are very thankful for the teachers' help and guidance throughout the semester. Nani had Mrs. Bell and Lena had Mrs. Fleming. Lots of hard work and lots of great teaching.

Also truly grateful for all the time Ba Ngoai spends taking care of them. Taking them to school and picking them up. Packing their lunch, giving them after school snack and making sure they sit down to do their homework daily. It takes a village to raise children and we are blessed with all the support we have. We are blessed with good kids!

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