Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Tradition: Decorating Our Home (Family Room & Kitchen)

Our tree never goes next to the fireplace. This year our new couch is an L shape and has taken over the corner where our tree usually goes. But I do have to admit I like these pictures where it's all together most.

New color scheme called for new stockings this year (from Target). Love this teal color and the simplicity of the white felt snowflakes. Lena has put her stocking to good use already with her note to Santa on what she wants for Christmas this year ... a DS game, Kinect Sports or Dance Central and a big screen computer. We'll see I told her ...

Love the teal and green and silver ornaments on our tree this year.

Love how it all looks so nice with my favorite portrait wall of black frames on a blue background. Here lies my favorite quotes ... Proof that God loves us ... and We must be the luckiest people alive. Not bad for spray painted bamboo frames ... a sign of the old beach cottage decor.

At the bar, a holiday snowman sits happily with our stainless steel barware.

And our simple new Ikea shelf with wine glass holders made festive with its own mini Christmas tree. Here I couldn't resist the country look of the birdhouse. :)

And on the same bar is our country snowman family. Too cute to leave in the box!

What completes our home decor the most is a kid-made school-project December calendar with poinsettias on the fridge. Merry December to all! Hope your home is making you happy this time of year.

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