Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Tradition: Decorating Our Home (Dining Room)

One of my most favorite holiday decor items from past years has always been ornament filled glass jars. The simplicity and the elegance of it is so pretty. Plus the velvet table runner with contrast of soft and shiny together ... perfection.

I updated the chandellier by removing the formal beaded and silk covers. This is more clean and simple and modern ... kind of the look I'm going for this year with our home update.

Simple paper flowers and glitter snowflakes.

Our card garland ready to be filled ... complete with a new teal Merry Christmas sign.

... and here it is filled with love from family and friends. So much fun this time of year to see how the kids have grown and what everyone's up to.

Red snowflake pillows from Target (last year) adds cozy comfort.

Other small doses of holiday decor in our home include red ribbon added here and there, red glitter and more poinsettia.

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