Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Tradition: Decorating Our Home (The Living Room)

Decorating our home is probably one of my most favorite holiday traditions. Most years I try to do it as early as Thanksgiving weekend. This year I really wanted to start right after Halloween, but the kids kept insisting it wasn't right. Insert sad face here. :( But on Thanksgiving day, the adventure began ...

I love free printables ... this one from eighteen25 ... really updates my decor from Christmases past. Family picture from 10+ years ago when we had only one child living in da islands. The ornament tree is from Pier One 3+ years ago, every year it debuts in a different part of the house.

Our home is all about our family so we left most of the pictures out ... this one back to school from last fall. And my favorite red star that I keep out year round really looks most festive this time of year.

Banners were a fave even before pinterest and before they became popular all over the web. I made this one in a local scrapbook store scrap event 4 years ago. Love finding a new home for it each year. It's been above the fireplace, on the mirror in the dining room, by the nook in the kitchen and now in the living room!

I like simple decor, glass bowl full or ornaments ... easy peasy!

In our internationally influenced home, we also have bits of Eastern culture trimmed in holiday.

And only in an Asian house there money plants flanking our shelf and an altar for our ancestors.

As we travel, we are "blinging" our globe to show where we've been. A fun little piece of family history. Pink bling for mom, blue bling for dad and white bling for all of us together.

Even with my black thumb, it's just not Christmas without poinsettias. Keeping fingers crossed (and asking mom to help water it), we are trying to keep this one pretty like this until well into January.

What does your home look like decorated for the holidays? Please link in the comments, I would love a tour! :)

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