Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Event: Cookie & Gift Exchange

Instead of wine night this month, we had a little festive girls night in. First time for everything .... I've heard of cookie exchanges before but since I don't cook or bake, I never thought of hosting one of my own. To my delighted surprise, it was fun and yummy to our tummies!

The girls smiling pretty in some holiday garb. So lucky to have such great neighbors!

Enjoying a candy cane cocktail while waiting for their turn in the gift exchange.

Toasting our own candy cane cocktails ... link for recipe below. Hmmm ... this picture is a different point of view ... taken by my 6 year old baby ... for once I look tall!!! Haha.

Holiday sugar cookies were as delicious as they looked (made by Elena). Decor was a free printable from the link below ... yay! I love free printables!

Bella brought yummy cake pops in mini cupcake form. Can we say heavily embellished? .... the best! You can never have enough bling, especially in the form of cupcake sprinkles.

Okay so I cheated and bought snowman powdered puffs ... really tasty.

These were yummy family recipe holiday bars made by Grace .... ancient Filipino secret, hmmmm!
AND ... if you're not too old to remember the commercial, you are saying this in your mind like it's really ancient Chinese secret hmmmm?

Enjoying good times with girlfriends ... who could ask for anything more?!?

My daughter, caterer in training, put together these lovely hors d'oevres. She loves pinterest and thinks the fun of food is in making it pretty. Yay, I love her!!!! She even made a bruschetta cheese ball.

And a favored gift of the night in the gift exchange was this fun chick flick ... looks like a perfect reason for the next girls night in .... watching Bridesmaids!

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