Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing for lots of joy today for you and your loved ones.

Here's what we sent out with our Christmas cards this year:
Sending out lots of aloha this time of year to all of our loved ones. This was a very routine year for the Tacazons. Same ol’same ol’... Moi at Caltrans, Connie at Bank of America, Nani in 4th grade and Lena in 1st grade at Nichols. There was an exciting change for Kaila to middle school and 6th grade at Guajome Park Academy. No school uniforms & 7 teachers instead of 1! All 3 girls are now Girl Scouts and active with community service, keeping busy with schoolwork and just hanging out. Connie took a trip to New York City to celebrate the big 4-0. The family took a trip to Big Bear to enjoy the snow, in addition to a few other road trips to Las Vegas and Arizona to visit friends. Overall, this was the year of less which freed up more time to enjoy life and each other and family and friends. Hope your year was just as blessed. Happy holidays and many great wishes for the new year.

Moi, Connie, Kaila, Kainani and Kaiolena

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