Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Daily ... Online

I've tried to do the December Daily for 2 years now and neither mini album is finished. The first year I didn't take pictures every day, the 2nd year I did but only put about one week's worth in the actual album. I'm thinking the daily bit is my downfall. The holiday just gets so busy and living life becomes more important than scrapbooking it. :)

But I love so much the idea of capturing memories this time of year, I can't NOT do it. So ... this Christmas I will be doing the December (not so) Daily online! I'm thinking more of just telling the most meaningful stories in short themes. Like ... decorating the house, trimming the tree, wrapping the presents, the cooking, the baking, all the parties, the family, the Christmas movies, the traditions, and so on and so on.

I'm thinking ... doing it digitally here on ye ol' blog might actually work. I carry my DSLR, take the pictures of the short stories I want to tell, download to my macbook and then blog the memory with pictures attached. At the end, I can use Blurb to print a photo book. Done! Could it be that simple? I'm hoping so.

If you care to join me, here is the pro and creator of December Daily herself, Ali Edwards with her thoughts on putting this together and samples of her scrapbook. Another gal I'm following who's doing it digitally is Scrappy Jedi. Wish me luck. The holidays are such an important time of the year, isn't it worth capturing those memories for all time ... or at least for the kids to pass on to their families one day? Come on, I know you want to join in too!

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sethworden said...

The world will continue to spin if you miss a "daily". Those that need you most are really happy that you are giving them your attention!!

Blessings to you and yours for Christmas!!!