Monday, November 21, 2011


A comment I received recently was how my scrapbooking style has changed through the years. Yep! It's hard not to love the new products that come out year after year, it's hard not to follow the trends when they are so darn cute. But it is great to look back and see the progress and the changes. It's also fun to have captured a bit of it through the years in our scrapbooks.

In 2004, we vacationed in Walt Disney World for the first time as a family. Epcot Center was my favorite, Disneyland was the kids favorite. At the age of 2 and 4, we were very into the Disney princesses and it was a dream come true to meet them in person! Haha.

That fall, we continued our mainland tradition of visiting a pumpkin patch, this time with the cousins. I wonder what happened to that tradition? I think we lost momentum after the year the fires hit in October and there were hardly any pumpkin patches open to visit.

That year, we all shared what we were grateful for at Thanksgiving ... even Nani who couldn't write yet but was included by her scribbles. LOL

Played lots of bunco with the neighborhood gals and our annual Christmas gathering that year might have been one of the first times we did the white elephant gift exchange here in River Ranch. It's been a tradition ever since and so much fun!

Just thought it was appropriate to share these steps back in time to this time of year many years ago. Yes, times have changed but one thing has remained constant ... family and friends are the most important part of the holidays. Hope you are spending your holidays with family and loved ones, too.

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