Friday, November 18, 2011


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I read alot of blogs. Why do I care what other people are doing when I don't even know them? Why would I rather follow them than call up friends or family that are in the real world? Well, simply for perspective. Our friends and family are biased. Sometimes I need to step out of my own comfort zone and my own biases to get a better view. In the past couple of years, that view has lead to more purposeful living and a simpler lifestyle. A life that is imperfect.

Lately bloggers have taken a turn for the "real" and are showing how imperfect their lives really are. We don't live in magazines, we don't live on TV, we don't live like the Kardashians. We live in an imperfect world and I'm actually learning to be very okay with that. Focusing on simplicity meant accepting that I can't do it all, to let go of the things I'm just not interested in perfecting.

Simple Mom recently invited all readers to make a different kind of list. Not a to do list but rather a what NOT to do list. There are things that I'm not good at or am not interested in, so it's just easier to not do them. What a concept!

Things I don't do:

1. I don't cook. My kids will tell everyone I burn water.
2. I don't work out. I'm more a creative soul than an athletic soul.
3. I'm not sentimental, which sometimes means I forget birthdays. Not proud of that but accepting that as a weakness that I won't perfect. If I show my love everyday, then it's okay to forget that one special day right?
4. I don't draw or paint or do anything original. Isn't that what pinterest is for? I love to be inspired by other people's brilliant ideas.
5. I don't sing or play a musical instrument. In a family that totally does, I accept the fact that I'm tone deaf and am missing that gene.
6. I don't judge. I try to be patient and tolerant of everyone's differences but gosh it's so hard when they judge back and it hurts.
7. I don't want to be perfect. Again, so hard to be vulnerable and show your weaknesses because you worry people judge.
8. At the end of the day, I don't strive anymore. I do what I can each day to live the best I can and let the rest go. If not now, then when. Today is just as important as what tomorrow can bring.

When I remind myself of what I don't do, I can then focus on the things that I am good at, that I can do and that comes easy. That's simplicity for me right now.

What don't you do?

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