Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(puppy love)

On our recent trip to Las Vegas, the kids got to spend lots of quality time with the Cupp's pups ...  Aiko and Sasha. Lena normally doesn't like dogs but every spare moment this weekend was spent with these dogs. She cuddled with them, napped with them, hugged on them. Her favorite place to be was on or next to one of them.

Lucky for her they loved her too. They loved the attention and let her be all over them. :)

These sweet pictures I captured for sure showed their connection. So adorable, so precious!

Had to keep the scrapbook layout pretty simple to keep the attention on the pictures. And the cardboard letters I've never used before. I never seem to come up with a title short enough since the letters are so large. This time, however, it worked! Such sweet puppy luv!

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