Monday, June 25, 2012

Summertime is pooltime!

My oldest started her love of water as a baby just a few months old ... following daddy to the beach for surf.

Kainani has to love water because her name means "beautiful ocean".

And Lena loves to follow her sisters everywhere ... but she's still learning to love it as she learns to swim.

A few weekends ago we kicked off summer with time at the pool with our friends over. Lena and her friend Neveah spent fun times together this year as Daisies. More play dates to come for sure.

Nani spent as much time as possible with Sammy before she moved away to Colorado.

And Ally is the sister they've always had ... she lives next door and Nani's always saying "I see Ally 7 days a week mom!"

All smiles as the weather was perfect and there was so much fun to be had playing games and splashing around.

First was a race to get caught by the person who's it. Kaila gets ready to jump in and chase the others before they reach the other side of the pool.

Go get 'em Kaila!!!

Ally makes it to the other side and splashes water in a "you can't catch me" fashion. Haha.

Then it was time for chicken fighting. Really funny to watch the bigger girls being held up by the smaller girls. Good thing water makes you weigh less. LOL.

I'm gonna get you Kaila!!!

And then the winners rejoice! What was the best was how well these girls all got along and played so well together. They were so loving and it was so sweet.

Bye for now ... but not for long as we make our way back to the pool again and again at least several times a week. Hope you are all enjoying your summer too!!!

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