Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prompt 3-Name Acrostic

Prompt 3 was to use your name as an acrostic to tell a bit about yourself ... okay go!

Cheerful is the glass half full side of me. Always trying to stay positive and make light of negative situations.

Careful is what I am with my emotions. Maybe the years of emotional turmoil has turned me into the other extreme ... too scared to let go so really careful all the time.

Open minded-love new experiences, new places, trying something new. Teaching the kids to accept the diversity of the world we live in.

Overachiever is a bad thing. I work too hard on the job and in life. Set your sights too high and the only way to go is down. Disappointment and frustration prevails. People tell me I'm too hard on myself, when will I learn to let go?

N equals nice. Funny quote I saw the other day ... she's nice once you get to know her really means she's a bitch if you don't. Hmmmmmm. No comment.

N is for neat freak. Okay so I hate clutter!

N is also for noodle lover. Kaila helped me pick this one out. Mom, you always say how you could eat noodle dishes forever. Bring it on pasta, pho, udon, ramen, pad thai!

I is imaginative. I like being creative and thinking anything's possible.

I is also insensitive. The practical can-do overachiever in me is going too fast to stop and CARE. I also think that my defense mechanism of not crying too much over spilled milk makes me think the whole world should just suck it up. But that's not reality and that's insensitive. Need to stop and notice and care cuz that's really the nice thing to do. Plus I stand to gain by truly connecting with people, isn't that what life's all about?

We're now at E for eclectic. I really love so many different things. Modern, country, classic, vintage, crafty, beachy ... and worldly. Want to travel all over and discover even more eclecticism (is that a word?).

And finally, E is for emotional. Despite some of the prior descriptors above, inside I 'm still pretty emotional. I pretend to not be so I can be strong ... funny how some of our past experiences shape who we are. Being strong means not risking being hurt. But is that true reality? Life will hurt and life will bring joy, gotta have one with the other.

Challenge idea came from here.

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