Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hawaii Minibook Day 3

Back in 2006, we found this neighborhood in Aina Haina named Kainani. This time around we had to go back and retake a picture of her standing in front of it. Six years later, the plants are a little overgrown and you can barely see the entire name. But she still says, Mom if we ever move back to Hawaii can we live in my neighborhood? Hmmm ...

Our third day on the islands was again spent with the cousins. Being a Monday holiday, there was no school and work. Yay! Off to Ko Olina we went to check out the new Disney Aulani Resort and to take advantage of the nicely landscaped man-made beaches. It really was very Disney and reminded me a bit of Florida. Here we also found Kainani's American Girl Doll's neighborhood ... Kai Lani!

The kids had so much fun playing in the sun! We all got a little bit more tan ... even baby!

My pretty girls in a picturesque background. How come every time I take out the camera Lena poses like a model ... notice the hands on hips? But I am very grateful they even let me take so many pictures of them ... there goes mom again with her camera ... haha.

And a fun iPhone pic that was doctored up with the Red Stamp app. Loving this free app!

No day is complete without the local grinds. Journaling the many places we eat is a must!

Capturing the story of the day ...

The cousins are so happy together and I am so excited for this opportunity to capture these memories of them ... we all know that they really do grow up way too fast. Last time we saw them was 2 years ago in California and there was no Kaimalie.

Each with their own personality ... especially Kainui. It took him awhile to warm up to us.

Spending time with their grandpa was also a treat. Good times being spoiled for sure!

Hanging out at home, the grandkids altogether. A great ending to quality time with the family!

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