Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hawaii Minibook Day 2

Lots of days at the beach ... mom, do we go in the water every time? Sure, honey! Mom, it's not cold or grey or dark like at home. Loving our time here in the islands for sure ... fun in the sun!

The famous Duke Kahanamoku statue at Waikiki Beach. Since we are staying right here, might as well hit that beach first. Kaila caught her first of many waves and is now in love with surfing. Mom tried to catch a few and lost stamina ... boy, not the same when you are out of shape and many years older ... I just couldn't paddle hard enough on a couple to actually catch the wave ... shucks! In the end, only caught a couple and ended up with many sore muscles instead. Ha!

Fun title page ... part of our vacation time is spent in our hotel doing homework.

Kainani is researching Japanese American culture versus American Indian culture. Go venn diagram.

Having fun building any kine stuff with da cousins.

Our first morning on the islands, we took a walk on the beach when no one was there. Way cool!

Story of the day today was mostly about island foods and hanging out at the beach!

View from our hotel is pretty cool. Lots of tall buildings in Waikiki ... it's hotel central ... what do we expect?!? But at least we got ocean view, mountain view and Diamond head view!

Some of the foods we are sampling already ... kim chee chige from our favorite late night haunt Sorabol, manupua from Chun Wah Kam, more plate lunch and poke!

Mom, take a picture of this ... the kids know that my favorite thing to take pictures of is food!

Day 2 pau ... we are just beginning our adventures here on da islands!

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