Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Time: 6:30am

Location: coaster train to san diego, again with the work commute

Eating: had saimin for breakfast, I am so NOT a breakfast person, it's like any other meal to me

Drinking: coffee with hazelnut cream

Watching: catching up on Duets and So You Think You Can Dance on DVR

Thinking: hope this week's easier than last, it was busy and stressful

Wanting: to have some downtown for reading, but not complaining about all the social activity ... it's been fun!

Needing: to get the kids ready for school, time to take the uniforms out of storage to make sure they still fit

Wondering: who I'll get to hang with in Hawaii, need to reach out and catch up with some old friends

Loving: my hubby ... grateful for our partnership ... he helps make life easier. Found this cool necklace on etsy and the sample had our initials ... cool.

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