Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prompt 9-Scream it out!

If you could scream something at the top of your lungs right now what would it be?

THIS is what I want to scream at myself all day long. Frustrated at work? Disappointed by someone? Irritated with the kids? Stop and assess the situation for what it really is. Usually when we want it to be something else we hurt ourselves with that thought of how it should be. If we learn to accept what is and let go of the thought (shoulda coulda woulda) our unpleasant feelings will also go away.

I'm reading a book called Loving What Is by Byron Katie that talks about just that. Techniques, examples, real eye opening and hitting home for me right now. I want to love what is and be at peace more often. I want to scream this quote to myself over and over again.

Challenge idea came from here.

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