Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Year 2006

It seems so long ago to think about my oldest just starting Kindergarten. But this was the year 2006. Kaila was the first to start Girl Scouts ... unfortunately the troop disbanded after one year as Daisies because the leader moved away.

This was also a year of a fun Valentines double date .... actually I think it was more like 6 couples. Not the most romantic but memorable nevertheless as we all really enjoyed hanging out, the boys with their beers and the girls with their wines.

My baby was still really a baby and barely 1 this year. While ba ngoai was gardening during the summer, she splashed around a bit all by herself. These pics might be worth something when she grows up. Tee hee.

Summer meant picnics and carnivals. They all look so young here.

Every year for every birthday, we usually get a cake for the one being honored. This cake for Nani girl this year was from Grandma. :)

Our first and only time at Disney on Ice. Not sure why we haven't been interested in going to any others as I remember Nani really enjoyed this one.

2006 was also the year my brother got married. Here are the girls at the bachelorette party in Temecula Wine Country. 

It was so relaxing with spa treatments, so delicious with dining out and so much fun getting to know my sister in law's friends.

That year I had to make an unusual amount of business trips. But I wasn't complaining as it brought me to Chicago 3 times! Wonderful city and the perfect opportunity to reconnect with my friend Jackie. After 8 years of living in different states (we met in Hawaii), we picked up right where we left off. Chicago was memorable for the lake view, the giant bean, shopping H&M, pizza, tapas and sangria, the Bulls and so much more great dining experiences.

The best part about scrapbooking is remembering ... and I remember 2006 like it was just last year. Even though the years seem to speed on by, the memories will stay with us forever. What did you do in 2006?

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