Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Event: Moi's Work Party

Every year Moi's work does a holiday party. One year it was at Mission Bay, another bowling downtown, last year it was at a hotel in Old Town. This year it was all you can eat sushi. YUM! Count me in please! It was loads of fun hanging out with his coworkers, some I've gotten to know kind of well and I always look forward to having a drink or two with them.

We even got a smiling couple picture in front of the tree ... that almost never happens!
Our neighbors also got in the act. Coworkers and neighbors is a nice coincidence. :)
This year Moi and his coworkers were in charge of games. In the minute to win it style, Moi had games with a holiday twist. Fishing for candy canes (with your mouth), hanging nails on a line (like hanging Christmas lights), and don't blow it this Christmas where you had to blow the card to slide off the table without falling completely off.
Let's try it from the front angle.
It really is harder than it looks, much harder than it seems.
Even climbing on the table to get just the right angle didn't help. In the end no one really got it. Moi insisted that he did it successfully in the trial run at the office. We blamed it on the slippery slate table with the beveled edge. Booooo.
But no one was too disappointed because all prizes not won were raffled off along with other prizes. The winners had to pick an envelope and decide if they wanted to keep it or trade it in for another envelope (a la Deal or No Deal). There were some nice prizes including a blue ray DVD player and a 2 night stay at a hotel in town.
Overall it was a fun afternoon of game show happenings and everyone really had a good time, even the ones that said they didn't really want to eat a "buffet". This one is not your typical buffet, check out Tora, it's delicious and full of variety ... a higher end "buffet" in my opinion.

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