Monday, December 12, 2011


time: 1:39pm
location: at desk
weather: raining ... gray and cold, which is unusual for socal
watching: Hart of Dixie. OMG, it's so cute! Downloaded on iphone to watch while driving through the desert between AZ and CA. Love it!
loving: all the Christmas decorations around town, in stores, at home. stretching out the enjoyment of this holiday season for the whole month of December.
thinking: how it's only the 2nd week and I'm really full of joy and memories for this wonderful season. how it's a few more weeks to keep living in the moment and dwell in this holiday spirit. yay!
wondering: if all this eating and drinking is going to look and feel terrible when I'm on the beaches of Hawaii next month, thus the salad above.
enjoying: the kids, the husband, the busyness and the mundane of our everyday life that we've built together
drinking: hot water because it's kind of cold out
eating: just finished a big plate of pasta from Little Italy (in addition to salad). I've lived in San Diego 8 years now and never been to Little Italy. Yum!

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